Shake the Cyprine

by Shake The Cyprine

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Collaborative and auto produced EP
from Shake the Disease and Cyprine.
All songs written and composed by Shake the Cyprine.
Mixed by Giovanni Di Legami.
Mastered by Raoul Leininger.


released January 7, 2014

Romain Laurent (aka Shake the Disease) and Giovanni Di Legami (aka Cyprine)



all rights reserved


Shake The Cyprine France

Collaborative EP from Giovanni Di Legami (aka Cyprine) and Romain Laurent (aka Shake The Disease).

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Track Name: Air is on Fire (part 1)
The air is on fire...
Track Name: Electrocution
Baby it's such a death to me
when you say you don't want to see me
Baby it's such a death to me
when you say what shoul or shouldn't be
And it's a Love Electrocution each time you come
It's a Love Electrocution each time you're gone
Baby it's such a death to me Baby it's such a death to me
when I found, when I found out, you were out, you were out with somebody else
taking pills, having fun, each time I'm gone
And it's a Love Electrocution each time you come
It's a Love Electrocution each time you're gone.
Track Name: No Mood
Moonlight of my faith
Sunlight of my doubt
No mood to explain those lines
You wrote down.

I can't feel my pace
I can't help to wait for it beating.
Those ideas you paste, in my mind,
Take em to the wasted land you love

You can't blow my face
You can't, hope you don't mind.
No mood to explain
I just gone mad with the wind blowing.

I know there's a place where the air is love
This time all my eye sees you're fading in love.
Take it all the breathe that you can
You're fading in love
I see it always when you faking love
You're faking love

I'm aware now.
Track Name: Keep AAH
Track Name: Intuition Drive
Intuition is knowingness. Intuition is knowing, and inside of every human being is an ocean of all knowingness...
Leave your shadow on a lonely road
Leave your ghost on a crossroad
.... You're expanding that consciousness, and when you expand that ball of consciousness now you can catch ideas at a deeper level. Expand it more, catch ideas in a deeper level. And you're making the subconscious conscious. Until one day, the full potential of the human being is you have infinite consciousness.
(feat. David Lynch: )
Track Name: Departure
Out in the cold, there is something more.
Into the flow of nothing, it's gone.
Track Name: The Path
In my soul
Thinking, feeling, knowing everything
I just have to open
Open up
In the Source
I can wash myself from all the lies
See all links unmade
Walls faded
Too much time waste
With my life
I don't want to feed the high lights
Will my turn to rise
come sometime ?
Matter dust away
blurred by the infinite sky
Track Name: Air is on Fire (part 2)
The air is on fire....